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Windowsill Herb Garden

Add fresh from the garden flavor to your meals year round. Grow a windowsill herb garden.

Start with a container with drainage holes and don't forget the tray to protect your woodwork. Fill the pot with a well-drained potting mix and select a variety of herbs you enjoy using.

Purchase plants or seeds from your garden center, favorite garden catalogue or grocery store.

Use a variety of plants to create an attractive display. Try arranging the plants on the soil surface before planting. Tall plants like basil and chives make nice vertical accents. Tri-color and golden sage add color to the mix. Curley parsley is a favorite that adds texture to your garden and vitamin C to your diet.

Try adding a few trailing plants like fragrant rosemary or variegated marjoram.

Place your garden in a sunny window; water thoroughly and as needed. Then enjoy the harvest.

A bit more information: Expand your indoor garden with a few vegetables. Leafy plants like lettuce and spinach tolerate the lower light of the indoors. Regular harvesting will keep these plants producing for weeks. With a bit more light you can grow radishes, beets, carrots and onions. Harvest when the roots reach their mature size. Tomatoes, peppers and other fruiting vegetables are a bit more challenging. These require lots of light and space. Use an artificial light and reflective surfaces to increase your chance of success.


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