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Books & DVDs

Check out my gardening books, DVDs and magazines designed to help gardeners beautify their yard and gardens.

2022 Midwest Gardener's Handbook
In this revised and updated 2nd edition of Midwest Gardener’s Handbook, gardeners in the north central US are handed all the know-how they’ll need to grow a lush, productive garden. This comprehensive and extensive guide is the best resource for growing in the Midwestern states.
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The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything: Food Gardening for Everyone DVD Set
Can you imagine walking out your back door to snip a few fresh chives for your baked potato? Or the satisfaction from growing that potato in the first place? Or how about plucking blueberries for your morning cereal from a container on your balcony or deck?
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The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything: Make Your Trees and Shrubs Thrive DVD Set
In just 12 engaging lectures you’ll discover everything you need to make trees and shrubs an integral (and manageable) investment in your outdoor spaces. Taking you through a variety of different landscapes, climates, and seasons, these lectures reveal effective—and practical—gardening techniques and strategies for shopping, planting, and caring for trees and shrubs just like the experts. Learn now trees and shrubs can add curb appeal, provide colorful bursts of flowers, fresh fruit and wholesome nuts, height and depth to a garden design, plus much more.
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The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything: Your Best Garden and Landscape in 6 Lessons DVD Set
Gardening is one of life’s great pleasures. It offers bountiful wonders—flowers, grasses, fruits, vegetables, trees—that bring you closer to the natural world. It allows you to design private and public displays of infinite variety and for numerous purposes. And the best part: Learning how to grow the garden of your dreams is a skill that anyone can learn with relative ease.
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The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything: Container Tips & Techniques DVD Set
Most of us don’t have the time, space, or energy to design and cultivate a large outdoor garden. So what should we do if we’re craving some homegrown fruits, vegetables, or herbs, or looking to add a colorful splash of flowers to a back deck or front porch? The answer is simple: container gardening.
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Midwest Gardener's Handbook
Whether you're new to gardening, or just new to gardening in the Midwest, use this book to help you create, maintain and enjoy your landscape. Selecting plants suited to the diverse and often challenging Midwest garden climate is the first step to success. Team that with some monthly tips and helpful hints to remind and inspire. Together they will eliminate much of the guesswork to creating the garden you desire.
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Minnesota & Wisconsin Getting Started Guide
Minnesota & Wisconsin Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant recommendation guidebook geared exclusively toward gardeners located in these states.
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Michigan Getting Started Garden Guide
Michigan Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant recommendation guidebook geared exclusively toward gardeners located in the Wolverine State. Author Melinda Myers shares her extensive gardening knowledge, highlighting her top picks for plants that will thrive in (or in spite of) Michigan’s tough winters and other unique growing conditions, guaranteeing success for the Michigan gardener and home landscaper.
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Minnesota & Wisconsin Month-by-Month Gardening
The definitive monthly manual of “when to” and “how to” information every Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowner needs to be a successful gardener.
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Michigan Month-by-Month Gardening
Never garden alone! The Month-by-Month Gardening series is the perfect companion to take the guesswork out of gardening. With this book, you'll know what to do each month to have gardening success all year, from January to December. It's full of the when-to and how-tos of gardening along with richly illustrated step-by-step instructions, so you can garden with confidence.
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Feb. 3, 2024
Washington County Builders Assn.   Home Building & Remodeling EXPO
West Bend, WI

Feb. 9 - 11, 2024
PBS Wisconsin
Garden and Landscape EXPO

Madison, WI​​​​​​​

Feb. 16 - 18, 2024
NARI Milwaukee
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