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Get Outdoors and Improve Your Family’s Health

June 12th is National Get Outdoors Day.  So gather the family and head out to the garden. 

Research has found that our children spend too much time indoors watching TV, playing video games or working on the computer.  Children that engage in nature and gardening are more focused, suffer less from ADD and score better on exams.  And, all gardeners know the mental, emotional and physical benefits of gardening.

So make this the day, week or month you start a garden or plant something with the young gardeners in your life.

How about a rainbow garden of yellow marigolds, orange zinnias, red salvia and purple petunias?  Or maybe you prefer to create a garden shaped like a butterfly.  Fill the wings with colorful annuals of your choice.

And don’t forget the sunflowers.  One giant sunflower is sure to amaze any young gardener.  Or create a playhouse or maze with these majestic plants.

A bit more information:   Be sure to plant a few fruits and vegetables in pots or in the garden.  If your children plant it, they are more likely to eat it.  Include some quick maturing vegetables like radishes, beets, carrots and heat tolerant lettuce to help keep their interest.  Add some fun things like watermelon, pumpkins, purple carrots, Easter egg radishes, Hansel and Gretel eggplant and more.  You might find your whole families health and eating habits will improve.


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