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Grow a Bountiful Harvest All Season Long

Boost your garden’s productivity and harvest garden-fresh vegetables all season long.

Enlist some space saving techniques to increase your harvest.

Use succession planting to harvest two or more crops from the same row.  Start with a short, cool season crop, like lettuce.  As the weather warms and greens fade, replace it with a warm season plant like beans or tomatoes.  If time allows, plant another crop or two to finish out the season.

Interplanting doubles your harvest by growing a short season crop like radishes between a long season crops like broccoli or tomatoes.  By the time the tomatoes have filled in, the radishes have been harvested.

Relaying is staggering the harvest time of certain crops.  Let’s say you’re growing beans.  You can make two plantings several weeks apart or plant two different varieties at the same time that mature at different times.

A bit more information:  Proper harvesting will also increase your garden’s productivity.  Regular picking keeps plants producing.  Continually harvest the outer leaves of leaf lettuce when they reach 4 to 6 inches to keep it producing.  Remove just the head when harvesting cabbage.  Then wait for 4 to 5 additional smaller heads to form on the remaining plant.

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June 3 – 11, 2023
“Castles & Gardens” Adventure in Ireland with Melinda Myers
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