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Quick, easy, fun and nutritious; thats what growing your own sprouts and greens year round is all about.

Grow your sprouts in a mason jar with a lid of cheesecloth or fine mesh or purchase one of the commercial sprouters. Buy radish, alfalfa, beet or other sprouting seeds that are free of pesticides.

Soak the seeds over night. Then rinse. Pour off the water. Repeat daily. The sprouts will be ready in less than a week.

And for a bit more nutritional value to your diet by starting some greens indoors. Use recycled fast food containers, small plastic pots, or purchase a commercial windowsill garden kit to grow your greens.

Fill the container with a sterile potting mix. Sow seeds on the soil surface, lightly cover and water gently. You can cover the planting to increase humidity and speed sprouting. Once the greens break through the soil, remove the cover and move the container to a sunny location.

A bit more information: Add some fun to your indoor gardening. Purchase and sow some quick sprouting rye grass or edible wheatgrass seeds in small pots or shallow containers. The grass sprouts quickly to create a patch of grass. Use a pair of scissors to mow the lawn as it grows. Add some color to your pot of grass with cut flowers. Place the cut flower in a florist water tube or pick and sink it into the soil. Now you have a mini-meadow to brighten your home.


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