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Garden Fresh Produce and Flowers for Your 4th of July Celebration

Bring a bit of homegrown flavor and beauty to your 4th of July Celebration.

Harvest and serve red, white and blue fruits and vegetables from your garden and containers.  Red or white beets and radishes, red greens, strawberries, cherries, purple carrots, and blueberries are just a few edibles that fit the bill. 

Create colorful appetizers, salads and desserts with your harvest.  Serve them up in a patriotic star or flag pattern or on a red, white or blue dish to complete the patriotic theme.

Pick a few colorful blooms from the garden as well. Combine red, white and blue flowers in a plain vase or display your best blossoms in a patriotic vessel.

Supplement your harvest and bouquets with a visit to your local farmers market if needed. Then make a note to add a few fun colors to your garden for next year’s celebration.

A bit more information: Once the food menu is in place try some quick and easy ideas for dressing up the yard and garden. You’ll be amazed how you can add a festive touch with a bit of paint, flags and streamers. Just let your creativity and available supplies be your guide.


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July 14
Sanger House Gardens
Milwaukee, WI

July 20
Ebert's Greenhouse Village
Ixonia, WI

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