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Plant Broccoli, Kale and More Now for Fall Harvest

Plant broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, collards, kohlrabi and other cool season crops now, for a fall harvest.

These vegetables taste best when harvested during the cool temperatures of spring and fall. Many gardeners are unable to get the plants in the ground in early spring, so they will be ready for harvest before hot summer temperatures arrive. Other gardeners just can’t get enough of these tasty vegetables and would like another harvest before winter.

A mid-summer planting of these cool season vegetables can satisfy both needs. Short season gardeners need to start with transplants, while those gardening in milder regions can start some from seeds. Just check the plant tag or seed packet to make sure you have enough growing days left in your season.

And don’t give up if you don’t. You can extend the season with floating row covers and cold frames. Plus, most of these will tolerate a light frost and taste even better.

A bit more information:  Plant a few short season vegetables like radishes and beets between your cabbage and broccoli. You’ll be harvesting the radishes and beets about the same time the cabbage and broccoli are starting to reach full size.

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