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Botanical Name
Brassica oleracea var. capitata
1 to 2 feet
18 to 36 inches
Foliage in shades of green, red and purple with a variety of textures
Full sun
Moist, well-drained
Planting & Care
  • Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost or direct sow outdoors as soon as ground can be worked
  • Seeds will germinate in temperatures as low as 40°F to 85°F
  • Sow 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep, 3 inches apart. Thin to desired spacing. Plants should be spaced 12-24 inches apart in rows 18-34 inches apart depending on variety and size.
  • Use floating row covers to protect young plants from cabbage worms and other pests
Cabbage yellows, black rot, black leg, cabbage root maggot, cabbage worms, cutworms, slugs, loopers, thrips
  • Cheers - green variety with good tolerance to black rot, thrips and yellows
  • Savoy Queen - savoy variety with good heat tolerance
  • Ruby Ball - resists both cold and heat, All-America Selections winner
  • Katarina - smaller head size, good for smaller gardens and containers, early to mature, sweet flavor, AAS winner

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