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Dividing Houseplants

Expand your houseplant collection or tame overgrown indoor plants with division.

Plants like ferns, snake plants, pothos, peace lily, cast iron plant, and African violets can be divided to create several smaller plants.

Slide the plant you wish to divide out of its container. Locate the crown of plants, like African violets and bromeliads, that send up babies, known as offsets, around the original parent plant. Use a sharp knife to cut between the individual plants and through the roots.

Divide those with multiple stems, like ferns and peace lilies, into several smaller sections. Make sure each division has a few healthy leaves and roots.

Replant each individual division into its own container. The pot should be just an inch or two larger than the root ball. Fill with fresh soil, keeping the crown of the plant at the same level as before. Then water thoroughly.

A bit more information: You may need to use a knife to cut around the inside of the pot to loosen the plant’s roots. Or in extreme cases, cut away or break the pot to free the plant for dividing.

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