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Cast Iron Plant

Botanical Name
Aspidistra elatior
Min Zone
Max Zone
2 to 3 feet
1 to 2 feet
Spring: insignificant creamy-purple at soil line, not usual for plants growing indoors
Part to full shade, bright indirect light
Well-drained, peaty potting mix
Planting & Care
  • Does not require a humid atmosphere
  • Best sited in bright indirect light
  • Mostly grown indoors as a houseplant, but used in southern landscapes as a groundcover
  • Water thoroughly whenever the soil is dry
  • Only fertilize actively growing plants in need of a nutrient boost
  • The large flat leaves benefit from an occasional cleaning, wipe off any dust with a damp cloth several times a year
None serious
  • Amanogawa - dark green leaves marked with long creamy white and yellow stripes and creamy white speckles
  • Lennon's Song - narrow foliage with irregular bands of muted yellow
  • Milky May - black and green leaves with white spots
  • Variegata - leaves streaked with white stripes
  • Ginga Minor - 15 inch long leaves spotted with yellow

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