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Satin Pothos Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus'

It looks similar to a pothos or philodendron and despite the common name, satin pothos, it’s actually a Scindapsus.

Satin pothos is in the same family as pothos and philodendron and requires basically the same care. The dark green heart-shaped leaves have irregular splashes of silvery gray.

In its native habitat the long stems climb trees. You can train them to a support or let the stems dangle over the side of the pot. Display trailing specimens in a hanging basket, on a plant stand, or high shelf.

Grow satin pothos in bright, indirect light for the best leaf color. Group with other plants to provide the humidity this plant prefers. Water thoroughly when the soil is just beginning to dry. Avoid soggy soil, temperatures below 60 degrees and drafts of cold air that can damage or kill this plant.

A bit more information: You may be able to find other Scindapsus pictus at garden centers or online nurseries that offer more unique indoor plants. The cultivar ‘Exotica’ has larger leaves with more intense variegation. ‘Silver Satin’ also has large leaves but more erratic splashes of variegation.

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