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Snake Plant

Botanical Name
Dracaena spp.
Zoned 10 to 12
2 to 4 feet
1 to 2 feet
Spring: greenish-white (rare)
Bright indirect light
Moist, well-drained
Planting & Care
  • Will tolerate low light, but will become floppy
  • Will flower if kept in bright light
  • Avoid overwatering and watering directly over the crown of plant
  • Propagate by dividing or leaf cuttings
    • Variegation not continued in leaf cuttings
  • Toxic to dogs, cats and humans
Thrips, scale, root rot (overwatering), mealybugs, spider mites
  • Black Gold - dark green leaves with yellow edges
  • Moonshine - wide leaves, lighter green, especially in brighter light
  • Dracaena aubrytiana - wider leaves, unique variegation
  • D. cylindrica - round, spear-like leaves
  • Bantel's Sensation - thin, dark green leaves streaked in cream and white, up to 36"
  • Gold Hahnii - dwarf variety, light green leaves with gold edges
  • Golden Flame - new growth is golden yellow, maturing to dark green
  • Whitney - compact, dark green leaves streaked with light green stripes framed with silver-green margins

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