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2019 NGB Year of the Pumpkin

The National Garden Bureau has declared 2019 the Year of the Pumpkin. Join the celebration and make room in your garden or containers for one of more of these autumn stars.

Whether small or large, white, pink, gray, tan, green, blue, yellow or orange, there is the perfect pumpkin for your fall décor or sweet dessert.

Select a pie pumpkin for cooking. These have dense, sweet, low-moisture flesh. Pick a hull-less or semi hull-less variety like Naked Bear when you want to harvest and eat the seeds. The “naked” seeds are easy to clean before roasting. 

Or add a bit of fun with a wart-covered variety like Warty Goblin. Or plant Cinderella pumpkin, and you’re sure to see the inspiration for Disney’s pumpkin turned carriage.

Or go small with the miniature white Baby Boo or orange All-America Selections winner Wee-B-Little.

A bit more information:  Consider growing pumpkins with a strong handle and smooth surface if you plan to paint rather than carve your Jack ‘o Lantern. The All-America Selections Hijinks is a good choice with smooth orange skin.


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August 22
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