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Chemical-Free Control of Japanese and Bean Beetles on Beans

Protect beans from hungry Japanese and bean beetles with the help of floating row covers.

These lightweight fabrics allow air, light and water through while preventing flying insects from laying their eggs on susceptible plants.

Since beans don’t rely on insects for pollination you can cover the plants.  Lay the cloth over the planting, leaving enough slack to accommodate plant growth.  Anchor the edges to the ground with boards, landscape pins or soil. 

Rain will penetrate the fabric and reach the soil below. You can water through the fabric when needed. Or consider installing a soaker hose at planting to avoid overhead watering.

Just lift the fabric for harvest then secure the edges when finished. Or remove the covering if it becomes cumbersome. You will have eliminated much of the damage and can remove and destroy any beetles that move into the planting.

A bit more information: Floating row covers are a great tool for protecting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts from cabbage worms. Just cover with a lightweight row cover and keep the adult moth from laying the eggs on the plant.


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