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Wilted and Yellow Leaves on Peace Lilies

Winter has many of us focusing our gardening efforts on the indoors. One popular plant is the Peace lily with broad green leaves and white blossoms.  But yellow and brown leaves are a common complaint of many gardeners growing this plant.

Drought stress is usually the cause of wilted and yellowing leaves on the peace lily (Spathiphyllum). Avoid the problem by keeping the soil slightly moist. These plants will let you know by their drooping leaves that you waited too long to water. They usually recover but at some point the plants start permanently wilting, the leaves yellow and the leaf edges start to brown. Try to water just before the leaves wilt.

Over watering can also cause leaves to yellow and turn brown. Adjust your watering schedule to fit the growing conditions. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the top several inches of soil moist, but not wet.

A bit more information: Increase the health and beauty of your plant by growing in bright or filtered light.  And once you master one, you may want to try other varieties including Mauna Loa that grows 2 to 3 feet tall with 15 to 20 inch flower stalks or try the more compact 12 inch Wallisii.


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