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Growing Peace Lily Houseplant

Peace lily’s tolerance to low light makes it a popular plant for homes, offices, and even public spaces.

The showy part of the white flower is actually a modified leaf. You will have more flowers - more often - when you grow this plant in a bright location. But it will still bloom occasionally even when grown in lower light spaces.

This moisture-loving plant wilts when the soil is too dry. It usually recovers but eventually repeated wilting causes leaves to yellow and brown. Plan on watering thoroughly the day before the plant just starts to sag.

Avoid brown leaf tips caused by chlorine and fluoride in the water. Use rainwater, melted snow or distilled water to avoid this problem.

Occasionally wipe dust off the large leaves to keep your plant looking its best. And display it out of the reach of curious pets and children.

A bit more information: Variegated varieties like Domino with a splattering of white variegation are available. You may need to order them online or find a local garden center or florist that specializes in unique houseplants.


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