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Discolored Leaves of Peace Lily

My peace lily is not doing well. The leaves are discolored and the plant just doesn’t seem to be getting bigger. Any ideas?

Peace lilies are very intolerant of dry soil. Make sure the soil stays moist but not soggy wet. Once allowed to go dry the plant will wilt, recover when watered and do this several times before showing signs of stress. Moisture stressed plants have yellow and brown leaf edges and sometimes spots.

On the other extreme, overwatering can lead to leaf spot fungal disease. This often happens when plants are allowed to sit in water that collects in the saucer or when plants are moved to a much larger container. The increased soil volume holds more moisture and can increase the risk of root rot. This fungal disease not only kills roots but can cause brown spots to develop on the leaves with minimal or no browning on the leaf edges. Adjust your watering frequency and solve either one of these problems..

Spider mite feeding starts as a bronzing that can eventually lead to wilting and browning of the leaves. A strong blast of water will help dislodge these. Several weekly applications of insecticidal soap will help control these pests. Just make sure this is the problem before treating.


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