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More Plants with Good Fall Color

Now is a good time to make sure your garden provides a colorful finale to the growing season. 

Maples and oaks are some of the first plants that come to mind.  But don’t overlook the other colorful options like the Amelanchiers with yellow, orange and red fall color that also provide year round beauty.  The Korean mountain ash’s yellow–orange fall foliage complements its colorful fruit.  And the majestic ginkgo drops it bright yellow leaves in a day or two - making cleanup much easier.

Shrubs can add lots of color in smaller spaces. Oakleaf hydrangea’s leaves turn a combination of red, orange and purple – much like the dwarf fothergilla.  The brilliant red of Virginia sweetspire is a stand out and lasts a long time.  And when the common witchhazel’s yellow fall leaves drop, they reveal fragrant yellow flowers. 

And don’t forget the perennials.  Amsonia’s golden glow and the bright yellow of hostas and balloon flower brighten the garden.  Include a few Bergenia and Epimedium (barrenwort) for red, and hardy geraniums for a bit of purple.

A bit more information: Include a few dwarf evergreens for year round greenery.  They complement the fall color of the surrounding plants.  Gentsch white and Cole’s prostrate hemlocks will tolerate shade.  Select junipers and dwarf mugo pines for hot dry locations.  The silver undersides of the Korean fir lighten up the plant while the steel blue of the dwarf Colorado blue spruces look good year round.

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