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Botanical Name
Fothergilla spp.
Min Zone
Max Zone
2 to 10 feet
2 to 8 feet
Spring: 1 to 2 inch long bottlebrush-like spikes, white, fragrant, before foliage emerges
Small, dried capsule, not ornamentally important
Fall Color
Excellent, mix of yellow to orange to scarlet often on the same leaf
Full sun to part shade
Moist, well-drained, slightly acidic, rich in organic matter
Planting & Care
  • Easily transplanted from container stock
  • Best flowers occur in full sun
  • Prefers slightly acidic soil with plenty of organic matter
  • Benefits from a thin layer of mulch around the root zone
  • Water during dry periods
  • Prune after flowering if needed
  • Attractive to hummingbirds
None serious, chlorosis in high pH soils
  • Fothergilla major 'Mt. Airy' - good dark blue-green foliage, 5 to 6 feet
  • F. major 'Blue Shadow' - sport of Mt. Airy, 5 to 6 feet
  • F. gardenii 'Jane Platt' - dwarf fothergilla, cascading branches, 2 feet tall and wide
  • F. gardenii 'Suzanne' - red-orange fall color, 2 to 3 feet tall
  • F. gardenii 'Blue Mist' - outstanding blue-green foliage, 2 to 3 feet tall by 3 to 4 feet wide
  • Fothergilla x intermedia 'KLMfifteen' Red Monarch Fothergilla - upright, 6 to 8 feet tall by 4 to 6 feet wide
  • Fothergilla x intermedia 'Windy City' - 3 to 4 feet tall and wide

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