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Dwarf Evergreens for Any Size Landscape

Create year-round beauty in large, small and balcony gardens with the help of dwarf conifers.

Train blue Atlas cedar into a curtain, fountain or carpet of blue green foliage. Its pliable branches allow you to shape it to fit the available space and style of your landscape.

Grow dwarf scotch pine in those challenging urban and windy sites in zones 3 to 7. The blue-green needles and orange bark brighten the garden all year round. 

You’ll want to give Blue shag pine’s soft needles a pet every time you pass it in the garden. The needles have a tinge of blue and these pines grow best in well drained acidic soil and full to partial sun.

Japanese cedar’s feathery soft texture, tiered branches and overall irregular shape give it a cool and breezy feel. Enjoy the transformation as the blue-green foliage turns bronzy purple for the winter.

A bit more information:  For shady spots try one of the dwarf hemlocks like Gentsch White and Moon Frost.  For design tips see my article in Fine Gardening magazine on Designing with Dwarf Conifers.


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Ebert's Greenhouse Village
Ixonia, WI

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