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Creating a Colorful Mixed Border

Screen a bad view, create a garden room and add year-round beauty to your landscape with mixed borders.

These planting beds contain a variety of plants including trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials and annuals.

Start your design with the larger permanent plants. The trees and shrubs provide structure to the garden and serve as a backdrop for the flowers.

Include a few evergreens for year-round color. The wide selection of dwarf conifers allows small and large space gardeners the opportunity to include these beauties.

Fill the spaces in between the permanent planting with perennials. Include spring, summer and fall bloomers. Select those with attractive foliage and some that produce seedpods for winter interest

Add a few annuals for a colorful floral display throughout the growing season.

Use repetition of color and form to pull it all together.

A bit more information: Use blues, greens and violets to create a relaxing cool space. Liven things up with warm colors of red, orange and yellow. You’ll make spaces appear smaller, warmer and more energized.  


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