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Frame up a Bit of Living Art – Mini Green Wall

Frame up a bit of living art to brighten a wall, soften a hard surface or add a focal point to your outdoor living space. 

Owners of Distinctive Gardens converted a picture frame into a bit of living art.   This small, easy to construct green wall will fit in any landscape, large or small.

Start with a shadow box or other deep display box or picture frame.  Drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and on top for watering.  Then fill with a well drained potting or succulent mix, depending on the plants you will be growing.  Incorporate a slow release fertilizer at planting.  Cover the potting mix with a piece of weed barrier to hold the soil in place.

Cut x’s into the fabric where succulents, sedums and other small scale plants will be placed.  Anchor the weed barrier in place with the frame or staples.

Hang your living artwork in the proper amount of sunlight for the plants.  Water thoroughly as needed.

A bit more information: Make it an edible piece of art.  Try growing colorful greens in your picture frame.  Harvest the outer leaves when they are 4 to 6 inches long to keep the plants producing.  Use heat tolerant varieties and reseed as needed.  


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