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Decorate Outdoor Containers with Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Extend your holiday décor into the landscape with a fresh cut tree secured in one of your outdoor containers.

Use a weather-proof container with drainage holes.  Fill it with soil and top with some stones or bags of sand for added weight.

Further secure your trees if needed with guy wires anchored to the ground or nearby structures.

Use outdoor energy efficient lights set on a timer to save energy, including yours.

Consider decorating with bird friendly treats. Orange slices, strands of cranberry, and holiday shaped seed filled suet ornaments will help bring birds to your backyard.

Add a bit more color and flavor by sticking berry-laden branches of holly or juniper into the tree. Add a few dried sunflowers, coneflowers and other seed heads preferred by birds.

Continue adding fresh fruit and provide water throughout the winter to keep the birds coming.

A bit more information:  Keep fruit fresh and avoid spoilage by adding it in small quantities throughout the winter. You can place it in small decorative containers hung from the branches.


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