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Droopy Peace Lily

Our large peace lily sat in unattended in our cool house (55 degrees) for about 2 weeks.  Now it is real droopy. Is it because of the cool temperatures? Can I cut it back and hope it will grow back, or do I just give up and toss it out?

Most houseplants, including the peace lily, can tolerate consistently cool temperatures in the mid 50's.  In fact they often do better in cooler homes since the humidity is slightly higher.  The droopiness is more likely moisture related.  Peace lilies need moist soil.  They will wilt when the soil is dry and often revive once watered.  It is possible to stress them beyond the point of recovery.  Time will tell if your plant will recover.  Leave the green leaves intact for now. Keep watering as needed, wait, and see if your plant starts sending up new growth.  Remove unsightly growth once new leaves form.  If the leaves dry and there is no sign of life it is time to move it to the compost pile. 


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