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Managing Fall Leaves

Raking fall leaves can seem like a chore and a never-ending one, at that. Reduce time and effort spent managing fall leaves by putting this valuable resource to work in your landscape. 

Recycle leaves right where they fall. Mow the lawn and shred the leaves at the same time. As long as you can see the grass blades through the leaf pieces, the lawn will be fine. 

For your garden, shred extra fall leaves with a shredder or your mower. Spread them over the soil surface to conserve moisture and insulate the plants’ roots.  

Dig extra shredded leaves into vacant annual flower and vegetable gardens or incorporate them into the soil as you prepare new planting beds. 

Mix shredded leaves with other landscape trimmings, finished compost, and a bit of fertilizer to create compost. Moisten the pile to the consistency of a damp sponge and turn occasionally to produce an organic soil amendment.

A bit more information:  Many gardeners are reluctant to use oak and large maple leaves as mulch in their gardens.  Both make great mulches and additions to the compost pile; but are slow to break down. Shred them with your mower or leaf shredder first for better results.


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