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Recycle Fall Leaves in Your Landscape

Put fall leaves to work improving your garden soil.

Fall is a great time to improve your garden soil whether you are able to plant a winter garden or just want to get a jump start on next spring.

You may want to try lasagna gardening, an intense form of sheet composting. You'll create a raised bed from layers of shredded leaves, compost and other organic matter.  

Or shred your fallen leaves and dig them into the top 8 to 12 inches of soil in new or annual flower and vegetable gardens. Add an inch or two of finished compost or peat moss at the same time.

Store extra fall leaves and evergreen needles to use as a summer mulch. This helps conserve moisture, moderate soil temperatures and suppress weeds. And as the mulch breaks down over summer it will improve the soil below.

Make adding leaves and mulching an ongoing part of your gardening efforts. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make.

A bit more information:  Shred and bag fall leaves and then spread a one to two inch layer over the soil surface around perennials in fall. You’ll save time by putting the leaves to work immediately in the garden.


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