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Convert Lawn to Gardens

Tired of mowing all that grass? Consider converting a portion of the lawn into a flower or vegetable garden.

If you have a healthy lawn, your soil is probably in good shape.  Simply edge the area you plan to convert into garden. Use a sharp spade or edger to cut through the grass roots. Then cut the grass you plan to eliminate as short as possible. Cover with several layers of newspaper or a layer of cardboard. Top this with shredded leaves, herbicide-free grass clippings, evergreen needles or woodchips.

The newspaper or cardboard layer provides an additional barrier to the weeds.  And, as it breaks down and the grass beneath dies and decomposes, they add organic matter to the soil below.

You can plant immediately, but you’ll need more effort to dig through the paper layer and freshly covered turf.  Or wait a few months for everything to decompose for easier planting.

A bit more information: You can also remove the existing sod with a sod cutter or flat shovel. Use healthy sections of grass to repair damaged areas in the lawn. Or place it in the compost bin, grass side down. It will eventually decompose into compost for use in amending garden soil.


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