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Houseplants Move into the Garden for the Summer

Help your houseplants summering outdoors get the most from their vacation. Keep them healthy and looking their best with these few tips.

Discourage millipedes, pill bugs and other soil insects from entering their containers. Slip the pot into the toe of an old nylon stocking before placing it inside a decorative pot or sinking it into the ground. Keeping these pests out of the soil means fewer will be moving back inside with the plants.

Keep aphids and mites at bay by giving your plants an occasional shower. Strong blasts of water help dislodge aphids and mites. If the populations increase try using eco-friendly products like insecticidal soap and horticulture oil labeled for this use. Always read and follow label directions carefully.

Water thoroughly as needed and mulch the soil with shredded leaves or evergreen needles or other fine organic material to keep plant roots cool and moist. 

A bit more information: Help your houseplants make a smooth transition outdoors.

Gradually introduce them to their new home. Expose them to an hour or two of sunlight the first day. Increase the amount of light the plants receive each day for the next few weeks.  Consider growing them in a partially shaded location, making the transition back indoors less stressful. 


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