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Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles Move Indoors

As seasons change many insects are looking for a sheltered space to spend the winter. This includes the multi-colored Asian Lady beetles that can become a nuisance when moving into and congregating in your home for the winter.

This lady beetle was brought to North America to help control pests like aphids, mites, scale and thrips. It looks similar to our native lady beetle, but has a wider range of colors from tan to red with zero to 16 spots on its back. A black marking that resembles an M can be found near its head.

These insects will not harm the structure of your home, but do emit a foul odor and yellow fluid that can stain furnishings when threatened. 

Prevent or reduce the number entering your house by caulking any cracks or crevices. Carefully move individual insects outdoors and use light traps for larger populations.

A bit more information:  You can make your own light trap. To attract and capture the lady beetles that have moved you’re your home.  You’ll be able to remove the trapped beetles with minimal smell.


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