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Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Save yourself time, money and frustration by properly storing your mower for winter. 

Once you make that last cut with your mower it’s time to clean and prepare it for winter and the next mowing season.

Empty the gas tank by running the mower until it is empty.  You could use it to shred fall leaves to use as mulch or in the compost pile.  Or add a gas preservative before packing it away.

Always disengage the spark plug before winterizing or working on your mower. Now is a good time to drain and replace the oil.  This should be done at least once a year and doing it now won’t disrupt the mowing season and more importantly insures it happens.

Clean off dirt and matted grass. And remove and sharpen the blades.  Yes, mower blades do need to be sharpened.

This is also a good time to buy and replace belts, spark plugs and air filters as needed.  You may want to pick up a few spares for next season.

A bit more information:  Streamline lawn mower winterization and be kinder to the environment by converting to a hand-powered push or electric mower.  You will still need to sharpen the blades and clean the mower, but you won’t need to make oil changes or winterize a gas tank any longer.


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