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Sharpen and Clean Your Shovel

Clean sharp quality shovels can make the difference between drudgery and efficiency.

Protect yourself while cleaning and sharpening tools.  Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from dirt and debris.  Wear a good fitting pair of leather gloves to support and protect your hands throughout the process.

Clean off caked on dirt and rust with a wire brush.  After you break through the first layer of dirt and rust, use fine steel wool or medium grit sandpaper to finish cleaning.

Once clean, give your shovel a nice sharp edge. Use a three-sided file to bevel the edge so it cuts through and moves smoothly through the soil.  Always file away from your body.

Turn over the shovel and remove any burrs that form on the backside. Finish off the job with steel wool to clean and smooth the edge. Clean the handle and you’re set for the next project.

A bit more information:  And don’t forget about your lawn mower.  After the final cut or change of seasons, disengage the spark plug and take the blades into the service center for sharpening and check the owner’s manual for any needed maintenance.


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