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Spring Lawn Care

Reduce on-going maintenance and improve the health of your lawn with proper spring lawn care.

Mow high and often to encourage deeply rooted grass that is more drought tolerant, pest resistant and better able to outcompete the weeds. Remove no more than one-third the grass blade at a time. Leave the clippings on the lawn to add organic matter, nutrients and moisture to the soil.

Make sure your mower blades are sharp. This reduces fuel consumption, shortens mowing time and improves the health and beauty of your lawn.

Northern gardeners should make their first and southern gardeners their second fertilizer application around Memorial Day. Use a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, like Milorganite, that won’t damage your lawn when hot dry weather arrives. 

Sweep grass clippings and fertilizer residue off walks and drives to keep unwanted nutrients out of waterways and eventually our drinking water.

A bit more information:  Remove small populations of weeds by hand and be sure to get the entire plant and root if possible.  If weeds have taken over, you may choose to spot spray with a weed killer labeled for this purpose. Be sure to read and follow label directions.




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