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Mow Your Way to a Healthy Lawn

A good cut can keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.

Keep the grass 3 to 3 ½ inches tall.  Setting the mower high means longer grass blades that produce more energy and deeper roots that are more drought tolerant, pest resistant and better able to compete with the weeds.

Mow often removing no more than 1/3 the total height of the grass.  Frequent mowing is less stressful on the lawn.  Plus, the short clippings will breakdown quickly adding moisture, nutrients and organic matter to the soil. And, always sweep any stray clippings off walks and the driveway back into the lawn.

Make sure the mower blades are sharp.  This eliminates ragged edges that look bad and are bad for your lawn’s health.  Plus, you’ll save money and be kind to the environment.  Cutting with sharp blades and regularly cleaning your mower deck increases fuel efficiency. And, consider investing in an electric or manual push mower for even more environmental benefits.

And lastly, vary your mowing patterns to avoid compacting the soil. 

A bit more information:  Proper watering and fertilization will also improve your lawn’s health and appearance.  Conserve water and your lawn by allowing it to go dormant during hot dry weather.  Do not use pesticides and high nitrogen fast release fertilizers during stressful periods like these.  Minimize foot and equipment traffic on dormant lawns.  Once the temperatures drop and rains return, your lawn will start to grow.  You will have more weeds to pull, but the water and dollar savings make it well worth the extra effort.


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