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Preparing the Lawn Mower for the Season

Prepare your lawn mower now for the grass cutting season ahead.  You will minimize breakdowns, frustration, and improve the health and beauty of your lawn.

Start by disconnecting the spark plug. It is the smart and safe thing to do when cleaning, repairing or working with the mower. And this is the perfect time to clean or replace the spark plug and air filter.

Those with four cycle engines need to drain the oil from the crank case and refill with the type and amount recommended by the manufacturer.

Be sure to check the blades.  Replace bent, cracked or damaged blades. 

Sharpen or have them sharpened and consider investing in a spare set.  Sharp blades make clean cuts that look better and close quickly.  This is better for the health of your lawn and the environment.  You will use less gas when cutting with sharp blades.

Check tires for wear and replace as needed.  And look for and tighten loose nuts, bolts and screws.

Or save yourself the hassle and take your mower into a service center.  

A bit more information: In the market for a new mower?  Consider replacing your gas powered mower with an electric or push reel mower.  You will save money on gas, be kinder to the environment and burn a few extra calories.


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