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Preserving Roses for Winter Enjoyment

Harvest a few roses to enjoy indoors throughout the winter.

This unconventional method may just be the answer for fresh from the garden roses in January.  Select a plastic bin large enough to hold your roses.  Move the box to the basement, crawl space, or other cool location that remains above 40 degree Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

Fill the box with wet sand once it is in its permanent location.

Harvest roses in the full bud stage and showing a bit of color.  Remove the leaves and submerge just the stems in warm water for 45 to 60 minutes.

Make a hole in the sand for the rose stem.  Stand the roses in the sand so the stems are fully covered and the flowers peek out just above the sand.

Remove the flowers as needed throughout the winter.  Recut the stems and place in hot water.  Then enjoy a bit of your rose garden in winter.

A bit more information – Check on your stored roses throughout the winter and make sure the sand remains wet and firmly packed around the rose stems.  If this seems a bit too risky, try drying a few rose blossoms by hanging them upside down in a warm dark location, drying in silica sand, or preserving with glycerin.


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