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Celebrate Rose Month – Eat Your Roses

The from-the-garden-to-the-table movement is not just about fruits and vegetables. Edible flowers like roses can provide beauty in a vase or on your dinner plate.

Rose petals are edible fresh in a salad, seeped in tea or cooked into jam and bakery.  The flavor varies with the variety and weather conditions, but you may taste a hint of strawberries or green apples when munching on a rose petal.

Harvest petals from recently opened flowers. Remove the individual petals and cut out the often bitter portion at the base. Spritz the petals with water to wash off bugs and dust. Pat dry then use fresh or dry for future use.

Make sure no pesticides have been applied to or near the plants and that they have not been exposed to roadside pollutants.

Leave some flowers on the plant to enjoy and develop into fruit that is decorative, edible and high in Vitamin C.

A bit more information: Harvest rose hips when they are fully colored, and better yet, after a light frost when they are sweetest. Use to make tea, candy, sauce, jams and jellies.

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