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Caring for Indoor Florist Mums

Purchase a chrysanthemum from your favorite florist or garden center to decorate your home, give as a hostess gift or to brighten someone’s day.

Mums are popular year round gift plants and their rich colors make them the perfect fall plant.

Maximize your enjoyment by selecting plants with deep green leaves and only a few open flowers. You’ll enjoy watching the remaining buds burst into bloom.

Place your plant in a cool brightly lit location free of drafts that can cause buds to drop. Water thoroughly and pour off any excess water that collects in the foil wrap, basket or saucer.

Remove faded flowers to keep your plant looking its best. Once done blooming, you can enjoy the greenery or add it to the compost pile. Mums purchased for your indoor enjoyment are not as hardy and don’t bloom as early as those sold as hardy or garden mums.

A bit more information:  Florist mums sold for indoor enjoyment need long periods of uninterrupted darkness to initiate flowering.  When plants are grown under natural daylight they do not flower until late fall or early winter. These late bloomers are usually killed by frost in colder climates before the flowers appear.


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