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Learn More & Celebrate Daisy Flower Month

Brighten up your day and celebrate Daisy Flower Month with a visit to your favorite florist.

Daisies are members of the largest plant family known as Asteraceae (formerly Compositae).

Though we call the perky white bloom with the yellow center a flower, it is really a collection of flowers. The center of the daisy is a collection of tubular flowers known as disk florets. These are the less showy, but fertile, reproductive parts of the flower that can produce seeds.  The showy parts we call petals are really ray florets. Together they make up the inflorescence known as a head or capitulum.

Now that you know what you are looking at, you may also be interested in knowing that daisy flowers stand for innocence and purity as well as new beginnings.

So go out and buy a bouquet of daisies. Be sure to pick up a few extra flowers, so you and the youngsters in your life can make a few daisy chain necklaces and crowns.

A bit more information: Mums and asters are other popular members of the Asteracea family, formerly known as the Compositae.  This plant family has over 23,600 species of herbaceous plants (flowers, herbs, vegetables), shrubs and trees.


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