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Chrysanthemum Beer

The chrysanthemum is a fall favorite. Pretty to look at, excellent in tea and now a sweet addition to beer.

Chrysanthemum tea, made from the flowers, has been around for thousands of years and enjoyed for its flavor and health benefits.

Chrysanthemum beer is a relatively new trend of infusing beer with chrysanthemum flowers. You will find a variety of Chrysanthemum beers from around the world.

Mum Beer is a Belgian beer developed by Gediflora, a Belgian chrysanthemum breeder and propagator. They developed this full-bodied beer from a variety of natural ingredients including extracts from the chrysanthemum flower.

Caution Brewery’s Hippity Hops Chysanthemum IPA uses chrysanthemum blooms to mellow the intense flavor of hops. They add chrysanthemum flowers and Chinese rock brown sugar to the brewing vats for a sweeter flavor.

A bit more information:  Home brewers may want to give this a try. Just search the internet or speak with your local homebrew club for recipes and tips.


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