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Preventing Black Spot on Roses

How do you prevent black spot on roses?

Start by selecting black spot resistant roses. Most shrub roses are resistant to this disease and plant breeders are always trying to develop new varieties that are hardy and disease resistant. Sanitation will help reduce the risk of the disease attacking your existing roses. Fall cleanup helps reduce the source of the disease for future infestation. Remove all leaves on the lower 6 inches of roses by mid June. This reduces the risk of the disease splashing onto the plant and infesting the plant. If spots do appear remove them immediately to reduce the risk of spread. Once the disease moves into a planting you may want to use a preventative spray program. Apply a fungicide as soon as the leaves appear of several weeks before the spots appear.  Repeat as needed throughout the season.  Look for a fungicide labeled for controlling black spot and consider using one of the more eco-friendly products. And as always read and follow label directions carefully.


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