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Shrub Rose

Botanical Name
Zones 3 to 9
2 to 8 feet
2 to 8 feet
Early summer, some repeating: variety of colors
Orange-red hips
Full sun
Moist, well-drained
Planting & Care
  • Plant at the level they were grown in the nursery
  • Don't deadhead single bloomers - allow for hips to develop
  • Remove dead and crossing stems in spring
  • Though hardier - some dieback reported in harsher winter climates
Black spot, powdery mildew, rusts, cankers, virus - most newer varieties are bred for resistance to these problems
  • Knock Out - raspberry to cherry-red flowers, all season bloomer, beautiful hips
  • Champlain - 3 feet, continual dark red flowers, some fragrance, Zone 3
  • DeMontarville - medium pink flowers, very disease resistant, Zone 3
  • Morden Blush - double pale pink flowers, floriferous, slightly fragrant, Zone 3
  • Carefree Beauty - coral pink flowers, long lasting flowers, orange hips, Zone 4
  • Carefree Delight - pink flowers, floriferous, excellent disease resistance
  • Winnepeg Parks - 3 feet, red flowers, moderately fragrant
  • Morden Sunrise - 4 feet, yellow-orange semi-double flowers, slightly fragrant
  • Prairie Joy - 6 feet, double dark pink flowers, some repeat bloom

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