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Variation of a Beech Tree

Trees are dynamic members of the landscape. Their form, texture, color and seasonal changes make them a powerhouse.

Always select the tree best suited to the growing conditions and the cultivar that best fits the available space and your landscape design.

The many cultivars of the European beech make it suitable for more gardens than the straight species.

The narrow upright European beech provides a vertical accent in the landscape in a relatively small space. Over time the tree will grow to about 40 feet tall but only 10 feet wide.

The weeping beech provides wonderful form in the garden. A nice backdrop for other trees, shrubs and perennials it helps connect all layers of the landscape to each other and the surrounding environment.

The colorful leaves of this tricolor beech makes the garden. The deep purple echo the perennials and the red creates the perfect focal point.

A bit more information: The North American native beech is becoming more readily available to home gardeners. Hardy in zones 4 to 9 this beauty performs best when transplanted as a young tree and grown in moist well-drained soils. Give this large tree plenty of room as it can eventually grow 50 to 70 feet tall and just about as wide.


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