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Deer Proofing the Garden

Deer - beautiful to look at, that is until they eat you expensive lilies, prize hostas and other landscape plants. However, there are some things you can do to keep your landscape looking good.

Try growing plants that tend to be resistant. Elephant ears, pachysandra, lungwort and western arborvitae are a few plants the deer often leave alone. But keep in mind they will eat these and other resistant plants if their populations are high and food is scare.

Surround your garden or landscape with clear fishing line. Supposedly the deer can't see it, bump into it and don't cross into the garden. Scare tactics like motion sensitive noise makers and sprinklers, clanging pans and radios have provided some gardeners with relief.

Commercial or homemade repellents applied before the deer start feeding and reapplied throughout the year may also help. Consider a mix of techniques and monitor your success.

A bit more information: A five-foot high fence around small gardens will also keep deer at bay. Though able to jump this height the deer seem to stay clear of the small enclosed areas. Use deer fencing or other fencing materials that tend to blend into the background. Anchor with decorative stakes to make this a more aesthetically appealing option. And keep in mind a see-through fence around a garden of flowers sure beats a clear view of a deer ravaged planting.

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