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Oriental Lily

Botanical Name
Min Zone
Max Zone
24 to 72 inches
Summer: white, pink, red
Full sun
Planting & Care
  • Plant lily bulbs in fall
  • Plant bulbs at a depth two to three times their length and space at least three times their width apart
  • Use a minimum planting depth for those planted in clay soil, the deeper the bulb is planted, the greater the risk of bulb rot
  • Add organic matter to heavy clay soil to improve drainage
  • Purchase and plant precooled bulbs in the spring as soon as the soil is workable
  • Lilies are also sold as plants during the growing season and can be planted whenever available
  • Mulch the soil to keep lily roots cool and moist
  • Avoid overwatering, especially in clay soil, this can lead to root rot
  • Apply a winter mulch after the ground freezes for added insulation and for help in getting the bulbs through challenging winters
  • Oriental lilies producelots of showy fragrant flowers that can be trumpet-shaped, bowl-shaped, flat-faced or with recurved petals
  • Many florists are forcing Asiatic hybrids for Easter bloom
Animals, root rot in poorly drained soils, hardiness, fasciation, aphids, virus
  • Miss Lucy - first true double flowering Oriental lily, pinkish white flowers in July and August
  • Casa Blanca - large 10 inch fragrant white flowers
  • Star Gazer - red, star-shaped with recurved tips marked with darker spots

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