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Masking Declining Bulb Foliage

Tired of looking at the fading foliage of early season bloomers?  Mask the ugliness of these declining leaves and increase the beauty of your landscape this season. 

Mix spring bulbs with perennials to extend bloom time and mask the fading leaves.  Select early-blooming perennials that flower with your bulbs to double the floral impact.  Or select a later blooming perennial to extend the flowering season.  In either case make sure the new perennial provides season- long foliage that will mask the fading leaves of the early bloomers.

Or add a few warm season annuals.  As the early bloomers fade the annuals grow, masking the declining leaves and filling in voids left by early bloomers.

Combine plants with similar leaves.  Daffodils and daylilies make great planting partners.  They are equally assertive and have similar foliage.  As the daffodil leaves linger throughout the summer the daylilies grow through to flower and combine with the remaining daffodil leaves.

A bit more information:  Combine daffodils, Virginia bluebells, and hostas for an attractive shade garden display.  The daffodils and Virginia bluebells make an attractive spring display.  As these spring beauties fade the hosta foliage emerges to mask their declining foliage.


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