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Suitable Plants For Shade

What plants are suitable for growing in the shade?

Annuals suited for shady conditions include wax and tuberous begonias, fuchsia, impatiens, coleus, browallia, wishbone flower (Torenia). Caladium, elephant ears and calla lilies are shade tolerant and treated as annuals in cold regions. Consider woodland wildflowers, wild ginger and ferns for a more permanent solution. Other perennials suited for shade include ginger (Asarum), Brunnera, hosta, astilbe, bleeding heart, snakeroot (Actaea formerly Cimicifuga), deadnettles (Lamium), pachysandra, Virginia bluebells, lungwort, and umbrella plant (Darmera peltata). Select the shade tolerant plant suited to the soil and moisture conditions. If it is too shady for these plants you may need to consider growing a moss garden or covering the soil with mulch.


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