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Protecting Your Landscape from Wildlife Damage

They’re cute, they’re furry and they love to eat – the plants in your landscape.  At any time of year you may find yourself doing battle with the rabbits, deer, or other wildlife. 

A four to five foot tall fence around a small garden is the best defense against most critters.  Secure the bottom tight to the ground or bury several inches to prevent rabbits, voles and other small wildlife from crawling underneath. 

Scare tactics have been used for many years.  Plastic owls, clanging pans and other devices strategically placed around the garden may help scare away unwanted critters.   Unfortunately urban animals are used to noise and people smell. 

Homemade and commercial repellents can also be used.  Make sure they are safe to use on the plants you are treating.  Some gardeners sprinkle hot cayenne pepper on the plants to discourage animal feeding.  I have found a few deer and rabbits that prefer the seasoned plants.  And, be sure to keep the pepper away from your eyes.

Try a combination of tactics, continually monitor for damage and adjust your protection as needed.

A bit more information:  Achieve better success when using homemade or commercial repellents.  Apply the repellents before the animals start feeding.  It is easier to prevent damage than break a habit of dining in your garden.  Check the label and reapply as needed throughout the year.


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