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Keep Rodents Out of Your Compost

Don’t let unwanted rodents prevent you from converting garden trimmings into wonderful compost.

Start with a call to your local municipality. Many have guidelines for composting within the city limits.

Elevate and enclose the compost process, in a tumbler composter, to keep unwanted varmints at bay.  Tumbler composters are easier to fill, turn and empty.

Larger, totally enclosed ground level bins of rodent proof plastic can also work.  Secure bottom-less bins with 1/4" wire mesh to prevent animals from burrowing in through the bottom. And seal any holes larger than the size of dime.

Further reduce problems by burying plant-based food debris deep into the pile.  Don’t add meat, bones, dairy or fat to the pile. And keep the pile moist, turning it often to create a less desirable home for these pests.

A bit more information: Dual bin tumbler composters allow you to actively compost in one bin while stockpiling plant-based kitchen scraps and landscape trimmings in the other. This will speed up decomposition, allowing you to harvest finished compost sooner.


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