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Low Maintenance Eco-Friendly Garden Tips

Reduce maintenance and be kind to the environment with a few simple changes in your gardening practices.

Be waterwise. Reduce water use by growing drought tolerant plants and mulching the soil to conserve water. And always water thoroughly and only when needed to encourage deep, more drought tolerant roots.

Reduce, reuse and recycle yard waste. Leave grass clippings on the lawn to add water and nutrients back to the soil. Shred leaves and use as a mulch around plants. Then convert the rest into soil enriching compost.

Manage pests in harmony with nature. Let the good bugs manage the bad bugs and handpick small populations of troublesome pests.  

Use plantings to reduce energy costs. Plantings near the home, trees shading the roof and windows, and shrubs and vines that shade your air conditioner can reduce energy costs.

A bit more information:  If nature doesn’t take care of your pest problems, try traps, barriers and other eco-friendly options if further control is needed.

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