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Provide Water for the Birds Year-Round

Increase winged visitors to your garden by providing fresh water throughout the winter.

Those in colder climates will need to add a heater, bubbler or aerator to prevent the water from freezing. Providing fresh water for birds and other wildlife reduces calories and body heat used to melt snow and ice.

Make sure your birdbath is weatherproof. Many become cracked and develop leaks when exposed to temperature extremes and frozen water.

Place the birdbath in a sunny location and add a few stones to the bottom. This allows the birds to take a sip without getting totally wet.

And keep the birdbath clean throughout the winter. An economical and convenient option is to purchase several heavy-duty plant saucers that tolerate the cold and won’t be damaged when the water freezes. Change these out every morning to ensure birds have clean, fresh water each day.

A bit more information: The Audubon Society recommends cleaning your birdbath with nine-parts water and one-part vinegar.  Synthetic soaps and cleaners can strip the essential oils off the bird’s feathers.



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